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Being a Real Estate is never a walk in the park as presumed by most, I once heard on radio that real Estate Agents are one of the least trusted in the “Sales Game”. Is it really that bad?

I assume based on the above that there are more than a few clients who had a terrible experience with a real estate agent. The big question is how we go about changing that perception.

One of the most important thing we have learned in the working environment or in our daily lives is to build rapport with one another, but we find that sometimes it proves to be quiet difficult.

1. Build a Rapport- Establish a relationship.

Proving yourself to be liable - If you have an appointment ensure that you show up, if for some odd reason you cannot make the appointment, don’t let the client wait there for you. There is a chance that they could view the property with another agent or not show up to the next viewing. Always follow up, this in turn shows that you are liable and efficient.

2 – You can have all the right qualification but that does give the client any insight into your business ethical practice, always remember that that you are not only representing yourself but your also representing your company as well. Ensure that your practices meet the vision of your company.

3- Be Genuine and friendly 

. Approach rapport building with the intent to be warm and friendly. Smile, give a firm handshake, make eye contact, and engage.

4-Show interest. 

 This is quite helpful to those of us in selling because we need to learn about our prospects before we can provide the best solutions. People want to feel like they have an opening to share what they’re thinking, including their desires, fears, and problems. The more genuinely interested you appear the more relaxed and willing to share they’re likely to be.

Author: Tamisha

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