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One of the more popular trends now in real estate is that people are generally flocking to areas that cater to them, gone are the days that people will travel a distance to shop or even to schools. We see that location plays a major role in allocating an area that is beneficial to you. In area that bot you can work and “play” in. Location is must to most.

Freeholds or sectional Title

We finding that tenants or even buyers choose to purchase or rent a sectional title property rather that freeholds. It’s becoming more popular recently as more and more opt for safer option in a complex or gated community.  

Features in a home

Fibre Optic

Growing increasingly common, this is fast “deal closer”. Many Clients are seeking property that are fibre ready as it becomes a convenience for education as well as for leisure.

These are just a few to mention.

Author: Tamisha

Submitted 25 Jul 17 / Views 2769